John was born in the New York City suburbs to a large and proud Irish family.  He was the 3rd of sixth children: 4 girls and 2 boys.  He relocated to Ft. Myers Beach at the young age of 10 where his passion for acting grew.   John’s earliest memories of acting began when he was 5 years old playing with his Nana and being a part of school and church productions.  John’s passion for acting never diminished but he pursued other passions and interests as he grew older.  It wasn’t until he moved to Miami, Florida where an opportunity arose again and his passion for acting was reignited.  It was there he was able to pursue his lifelong dream.  “I was approached on a sidewalk by a movie producer who asked why I wasn’t in this movie.”  A week later, John was a part of "Marley and Me." 

John landed other notable roles while pursuing his acting career in Miami, starring in numerous movies such as Stalker, Miami Mid-town Crew, The Killing of a Japanese Bookie, A Slice of Life, Augustus and It’s Happening, Finally.  Augustus and It's Happening, Finally both won the best film at the Miami and Boca Film Festival respectively.  John has also guest starred on TV shows such as America’s Most Wanted and has been seen in numerous commercials across the nation such as T-mobile’s 4G starring alongside Dwayne Wade and Charles Barkley and Celebration Cruises, to name a few. 

John is also an experienced professional trainer and fighter who enjoys helping people stay fit in his off time.  He currently lives in Miami, Florida with his Fiance and dog Rocky.